Distributors Need Strong Technology to Succeed in this Connected World

As in many other business sectors, technology is threatening to disrupt the distribution industry. Consumer behaviors are changing, channel options are expanding and there are more global connections than ever before. In order to compete and thrive in this fast-paced digital era, distributors need to embrace technology.

Deploy a business management system that can position your business to navigate the inevitable changes taking place in this increasingly connected world.

Aging legacy systems aren't doing businesses any favors in this digital, data-driven era and could be doing more harm than good. Succeeding in a global, connected world requires modern technology and the ability to respond fast to business partners, suppliers and customers.

Balancing People, Integration and Speed of Change

1. People

Customer buying behaviors are shifting and many tech-savvy millennials are showing preference for online and mobile experiences. Develop an omni-channel experience that is engaging and consistent across all channels. A seamless shopping experience can generate loyalty and brand allegiance.

2. Integration

Business leaders need to work together and break down the silos formed by disparate business software. Integrated solutions, like Advanced Distribution, can connect business systems, including online and eCommerce operations, to improve cross-functional coordination and strengthen customer services.

3. Speed of Change

Quick access to reliable data is essential for distributors. Cloud-based systems offer greater agility and mobility, each important for capturing and analyzing the data needed to make the swift business decisions that drive growth. The right technology can improve your online presence, provide a sleek mobile experience for customers, and manage both business and customers with greater efficiency and success.

Achieve the omni-channel experience today’s consumers demand and optimize business operations by replacing outdated, legacy systems with more modern business tools.

Download "The Future of Distribution: 15 Ways to Thrive in the New Age of People, Integration and Speed of Change," an eBook, for more information about driving solid business growth with the right technology.

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