Microsoft Update Rollup 5 for CRM 2011

Update Rollup 5 Now Available for CRM 2011

Update Rollup 5 is the first release for Microsoft where additional capabilities and features for Dynamics CRM 2011 (both online and on-premises) will be delivered. This update release is part of a new program where Microsoft plans to deliver new functionality in two releases a year. See what Brad Wilson, General Manager of Microsoft CRM has to say about this release. The next release of this type is targeted for the Spring (Q2) of 2012 with another to follow in the Fall (Q4) of 2012.

There are some good fixes and terrific features included in Microsoft Update Rollup 5 that you might want or need. However, before applying Update Rollup 5 to your production environment, you will want to note that once installed, you cannot uninstall.

As with all updates, you should first apply this update to a test environment, after backing up your database and fully testing it before installing to production. Also, before applying to production, ensure that you create a restore point for your production environment to include database, reporting server, and all application or other servers that are part of your production environment. This is even more important for Update Rollup 5 as once installed, it cannot be uninstalled. The only remedy for removing Update Rollup 5 is to restore to a point in time prior to when the update was installed.

As always, Microsoft Update Rollup 5 is a cumulative update which means it includes Update Rollup 1, 2, 3 and 4. Here are a few highlights of the release:

New Features in Microsoft Update Rollup 5

  • New Business Intelligence Capabilities
    • Multi-series charts
    • Multiple category charts
    • New chart types
  • Dialogs & Workflow Enhancements
      Lookup and date field types supported for dialogs
    • Dynamic record hyperlinks for workflows & dialogs
  • Enhanced Data Management
    • Audit user access
    • Ignore null values in duplicate detection
    • Exclude inactive records in duplicate detection
  • CRM Outlook Client Enhancements
    • Reading pane improvements to include hyperlinks to CRM records, compose e-mail and Lync presence
    • Performance enhancements to e-mail tracking
  • Activity Feeds
    • Enable a user to follow important activities related to people, accounts, Contacts, leads, sales deals (opportunities) and more

Included Fixes for Update Rollup 5

  • The CRM server downloads will be updated to include Update Rollup 5. If you are downloading the package, from this point forward, you do not have to apply Update Rollup 5 after the installation.
  • CRM online customers will have Update Rollup 5 applied to their environment by no later than October 25, 2011.
  • Update Rollup 5 will be available on Windows Update service on November 8, 2011. You should be able to use the Windows update service to find and install the update on or after that date.
  • You must have Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 build 5.0.9688.583 before installing Update Rollup 5.
  • CRM Outlook Client view fields display date and time even though only date is configured to display.
  • Selecting F5 to refresh a record view creates a new record rather than displaying the current record with updated data.
  • Custom option sets do not display as expected when creating dialogs and attempting to assign values from the option set.
  • Workflows do not behave as expected when upgrading from CRM 4 to CRM 2011.
  • Some navigation changes cause IE 9 to crash or fail to perform as expected.
  • Time stamps on reports are one-hour behind the expected time.
  • Time zones and daylight savings time are incorrect for multiple countries.

Visit the November 2011 service update site to learn more about the features included in Microsoft Update Rollup 5. You can also register and attend the Dynamics CRM 2011 online “Ask the Experts – New features in Update Rollup 5” session planned for November 1st.

Have any questions or additional feedback regarding Microsoft’s first release of Update Rollup 5? Please feel free to comment below.

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