Getting the Naming Convention Right in your Learning Management System

This blog is part of our Customer Care series, where our experts address technical implementation and service questions across the Tribridge product portfolio to assure that customers have the support they need to optimize their solution most effectively and efficiently.

Whether it’s within Cornerstone onDemand or another learning management system/talent management system (LMS/TMS), the importance of managing your content is vital.

Ideally this naming convention is planned from implementation of your LMS/TMS but it can also be implemented after go live, which may be more of a challenge.

There's really no correct way to name your content, but below are a few ways that I recommend:

  • By Business Unit or Territory - If you find yourself curating content for different businesses within your organization, naming by unit name or code can greatly help. This is especially true when there are multiple courses with the same name. The same can be done with territories or countries with courses offered in different languages. You may populate the titles in different languages so someone seeking English content would see everything listed in English, but the internal content could be in a different language. Some examples of this naming convention include: NE Safety Compliance, SW Safety Compliance, US Corporate Policy and UK Corporate Policy.
  • By Frequency/Timing of Completion - If you often deal with compliance training, you may find it easier to name based on frequency and completion. Some examples include: 2015 HIPAA, 2016 HIPAA, Annual OSHA and Biennial Safety Review.
  • By Type of Content - Not every system will clearly identify the learning type for the user. When needed, include the type of learning object. Whether it’s a link to an article on the internet or an online course within your learning management system, inform the user so they know what they're getting. Some examples include: "Web article - How to survive a change in schedule" and "Online Course - Excel 2015 (basic use)".

No matter which path you go, keep naming simple. If you find yourself trying to explain the course content within the title, the naming convention you've selected is too complex. Utilize the description options to let users know what the content is about. The title should be something used to quickly identify only.

If you need assistance managing content within your learning management system, reach out to our Customer Care team for help. 

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