Is Cloud the Solution to Data Security?

Businesses are turning to the cloud to improve data security measures. A cloud provider can often provide value-added technology and services so that businesses can remain focused on their operations and customers, without much IT distraction. However, most chief executive officers (CEOs) are unlikely to completely hand over the reins, and they shouldn't. The CEO needs to verify that their cloud provider can provide the level of support and protection that meets the needs of their organization.

Cloud technology offers a great opportunity for businesses to strengthen business systems, as well as provide an added layer of security to corporate, customer and employee data. Cloud services can transfer both costs and risks of managing IT systems to an independent provider. However, sharing the burden of risk can be concerning to CEOs and boards of directors for good reason. Trusting data security to an outside source shouldn't be taken lightly.

Cloud Technology and Providers are a Valuable Part of a Data Security Strategy

In order to ensure that the cloud provider you choose as a partner can offer continuous monitoring, penetration testing and strong security operations, you need to know how they work and the depth of their experience and expertise with cloud technology.

Ask for details that demonstrate their ability to provide strong cloud-based security, such as:

  • Their reputation as an established cloud service provider
  • The expertise of the specialists that may be assigned to your business and the screening procedures for those experts
  • The support and services they will provide on a daily basis
  • Whether they can limit access to U.S. citizens only or provide international support as needed
  • Evaluate their contract and offerings and determine if they satisfactorily provide the services you need to protect your data and business in the event of a cyber-attack or data breach

Cloud technology and a cloud services provider can be a valuable part of your data security strategy. The key is to evaluate both the technology and the providers with a high level of scrutiny.

Download the white paper, Business Leadership in a Tech-Driven World: How CEO’s Can Manage Proactively to Protect Data and Build Customer Confidence, and contact us for more information about cloud services and the cloud providers that can provide the level of protection your business needs to reduce risk and build trust with customers.

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