Dramatically Improve Individual and Population Health Outcomes While Reducing Cost

Today, the U.S. has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, but is last or near last on dimensions of access, efficiency and equity. Reducing healthcare costs while improving patient care is a common goal and a continuing challenge for the healthcare industry, and there's a lot of room for improvement.

Fortunately, today's technology is opening up new ways to tackle these challenges in a cost-effective manner to improve health outcomes. With modern tools, health professionals can more efficiently take better care of more people, empower people to take better care of themselves, and enable a sustainable healthcare model—one where they can improve patient care and clinician satisfaction, while also prudently managing financial resources.

Recent recipient of Microsoft’s Health Innovation 2016 award, Tribridge Health360 Care Coordination is an industry leading, cloud-based population health app from Tribridge and Microsoft that enables providers and payers to personalize care experiences, ensure quality, lower costs and increase satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Engage & Plan

Use powerful analytics to segment your population and identify patients for proactive care planning and coordination. Engage individuals and incorporate their preferences, and personal goals; with evidence-based clinical and behavioral care protocols, to create a collaborative Personal Care Plan that is uniquely theirs.

Monitor & Coordinate

Monitor personal care plans based on any observable data – from your EMR, telemetry from connected devices, patient reported, or service cases from a triage contact center. Care team members are alerted to gaps in care, and can provide support and intervention in near real-time. Leverage FHIR integration APIs to get information to/from your EMR, patient portal, and personal mobile devices. Reduce unplanned or unpredictable acute care episodes and ER admissions.

Personalize & Delight

Each person's Care Plan informs the "Next Best Action" for every care team member and service provider–creating a very different and personal care experience. Improve patient satisfaction and well-being while enabling care team members to impact more people with an efficient, modern, SaaS care coordination platform.

Try the Health360 Care Coordination app today, and tackle population health—one person at a time.

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