Webinar Exploration: Automation Enhances CRM Value

The dynamic between marketing and sales departments has always been closely interconnected, and the efforts of both business units must be coordinated at a high level to ensure a smooth, impactful customer experience. However, the development of automated features in CRM software has given marketing the lion's share of the awareness, consideration, interest and intent stages of the consumer journey. Engagement strategies must be initiated from the first click a visitor makes on a brand's website, and automation tools can help marketers get a head start on the competition in terms of moving individuals from the early stages of curiosity and toward a conversion. 

No More Manual Mess

Marketing campaigns have become increasingly involved over the past several years with the addition of countless social media channels, widespread mobile device use and the advancement of analytics tools that crunch huge streams of data for actionable insights. While marketers were once forced to orchestrate campaigns and track relevant user activity with manual processes, the CRM platforms of today are capable of automating such procedures to create more detailed databases for sales teams to utilize when closing the deal. Automation also saves marketers countless hours of time, freeing up schedules for new content creation, campaign development and high-level strategy coordination. 

A recent webinar from Tribridge examined features of Marketo, a marketing platform that automates the collection and analysis of consumer browsing and interactive data for tangible business results. The service's many tools were demonstrated in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, conveying a high level of integration that makes it easier than ever for end users to leverage the many features of this program. Marketo allows marketing teams to nurture leads with detailed click tracking, painting a living picture of activity that can empower sales representatives. In addition, financial reporting elements can deliver even more value by displaying the results of past campaigns to offer deep insight into the successes and failures of these efforts. 

More Data than Ever

With automated CRM marketing tools, sales departments never have to be short of data again. Webinar leader Shaun Allbon, a consultant with Marketo, explained that today's sales and marketing environment is one of information abundance, rather than scarcity. To take advantage of the wealth of detail available on the Web and within consumer interactions, companies must turn to comprehensive CRM solutions and squeeze maximum value from every corner of the digital landscape.


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