Public Leaders Can Focus on Primary Objectives with IT Consulting

At every level of government, public officials have more than enough on their plates. State decision-makers are tasked with managing a wide array of counties and regions, while local leaders must work on a granular level to appease the individuals who comprise their towns and cities. Between all of these responsibilities, coordinating tech initiatives the first project on the docket.

This is why IT consulting can be offer such a critical boost to state and local governments - with professionals at the helm, decision-makers can better orchestrate pressing tasks with long-term objectives.

Delegate to Innovate

 Even the most capable government officials can get overwhelmed when faced with a complex IT conundrum. State Tech Magazine recently highlighted the story of Bedford County and the town of Bedford, Virginia, two distinct governing bodies that benefited from a collaborative take on tech

After upgrading the Bedford County police force's VPN and mobile applications, county IT manager Eric Rice saw immediate improvements to the response time and reliability of the networks. With only 300 computers and around a dozen apps under his supervision, Rice's tech assets are not especially complex or diverse. However, assistance from a consulting board made a big difference for his operations.

"It took a lot of pressure off of us since we have so much on our plate," Rice told the news provider. 

Pro Partners Relieve Pressure

While collaboration across government organizations can expedite the execution of a tech project, there is no substitute for partnering with an expert service provider when overhauling IT systems. Take it from the Orange County, California Sheriff's Department, a law enforcement agency whose staff nearly exceeds 5,000 strong.

By seeking the guidance and tech expertise of Tribridge, a leading consulting and solutions provider, OCSD was able to not only streamline its scattered infrastructure, but gain total control over its resources thanks to the inclusion of a revitalized user interface. 

"Tribridge created a variety of dashboards for the team leaders," said OCSD Sgt. Chris Corn. "Dashboards are completely customized for what is important to each department. We know if we need to change a deputy's role and we have data that helps us to assess deputies and departments. Ultimately, all of these improvements allow us to serve our community better."

Empowered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the trust of an expert service provider, OCSD is better equipped to serve its community than ever before.

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