A Successful CRM Deployment Starts Here, Part 2

Sales and marketing professionals often have their own tried-and-true methods for managing customer information. Legacy systems, highly customized solutions and paper-based methods may have worked for years; however, they simply can't keep pace in this digital era. More businesses are turning to a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to better understand customers how to improve their experience and to drive business outcomes.

Begin CRM Training Early to Boost Confidence, User Adoption

Your sales and marketing teams are likely wondering how CRM software could be any better than the processes or systems already in place. Early on in the CRM deployment process, start training and offer employees an opportunity to see and experience the CRM system firsthand.

Your team should utilize demos, on-demand training resources, and test drive a CRM solution to see how it works. After taking the time to understand the features and capabilities offered within a CRM solution, your team will feel more confident that this new system will actually help improve their work, not drag them down.

Show them how business processes will be handled in the new system, as well as how CRM will provide efficiencies and advantages they don't currently have. Show how it can lead to outcomes like better and easier sales forecasting or marketing campaign effectiveness. Confidence will quickly grow within your CRM project team, and other CRM users, after they have an opportunity to see how data is entered, how to get the information they need and how they will benefit in their specific roles. This confidence will also lead to improved user adoption as they share their newfound knowledge with others across the company.

Training is an important part of a successful CRM deployment and it's an ongoing process. An experienced CRM solutions provider will help you increase user adoption and make sure you are utilizing your system to its full potential.

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