Bring out the Best in your People with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

“Hire great people, share your vision for the company, provide clear direction and expectations, then get out of the way so they can do their best work.” This is the advice entrepreneur Chris Licata of Blake’s All Natural Foods gives when asked the best way to hire and manage people in Entrepreneur magazine. He then goes on to say: “Always be available to support each person on your team but encourage autonomy, creativity and risk-taking.  Rehabilitate all micro managers……or replace them if you can’t save them……because they will kill all autonomy, creativity and risk-taking and force your best people to leave.”

This advice is incredibly valuable to businesses today, especially in a service-driven economy. But what tools can you use to hire great people, and then support them? In my recent blog, What’s New with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition, I touch on the exciting new release of Dynamics 365 for Talent.

To recap, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent allows you to centralize your HR programs and streamline processes for benefits, leave and absence management, credentialing, compliance and more. Dynamics for Talent can be licensed as a stand-alone solution, and is also included in the Unified Operations Plan for Microsoft Dynamics customers.

Dynamics 365 for Talent streamlines many routine recordkeeping tasks and automates processes related to staffing your organization. These processes include employee retention, benefits administration, training, performance reviews, and change management. It also provides a framework for human resources staff to manage areas of oversight.

You can use Dynamics for Talent to complete these tasks:

  • Administer organizational structures.
  • Maintain comprehensive worker information from hire to retire.
  • Define and administer benefit plans, enroll workers, assign dependent coverage, and designate beneficiaries.
  • Establish and monitor absence policies.
  • Implement and track profile-based time management and generate pay information to export to a payroll system.
  • Manage worker competencies.
  • Review performance and implement worker goals.
  • Set up, deliver, and analyze training courses that include agendas, sessions, and tracks.

Dynamics for Talent helps you bring out the best in your people (your most valuable asset), in these top four ways:

  1. Align business goals with talent management. Instead of operating on “gut feelings,” Dynamics for Talent gives you the ability to rapidly train and retrain employees according to business need, create opportunities for real-time collaboration, and support the workforce with better analytics.A strategic talent management process, when aligned with business goals, will drive true business success.
  2. Optimize your talent portfolio. Dynamics for Talent provides your organization with a complete view of your people, their skills and competencies, history, experience, and certifications. This allows you to leverage your current employees in the best way—or add new employees—to best represent your company and its products and services in the marketplace.
  3. Employee self-service. Dynamics for Talent provides measurement scorecards and dashboards. When employees login in the morning, they know immediately where they stand. They know how they are performing against their peers, or against their personal goals or the goals of their managers. Employees can determine how to increase productivity and earn more compensation, or if they are off track, see what training, associations, certification or coaching is needed.
  4. Create a magnetic, sticky organization for employee retention. Dynamics for Talent helps you attract and retain the best employees. It helps you become an organization where both young and experienced employees want to work, and stay, by offering direct and frequent feedback on their progress, and the flexibility and autonomy to help customers (B-to-C) or work with clients (B-to-B).

And now Dynamics for Talent is even better with the addition of two new modular apps: Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract and Dynamics 365 for Talent: Onboard. Along with the investment in LinkedIn, Lynda, and now Cornerstone OnDemand, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent seems destined to become a full services Talent offering.

Having the right tools to get the most out of your team members is incredibly valuable to your organization. Let us help you determine if all or part of the Talent solution is right for your business.

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