ERP System Implementation Success: Why You Should Prep Your Team

A new ERP system demands that users learn new terminology, new codes, accounts, product numbering, vendor layouts, etc.  It can seem like a daunting task.  Too often, the end users do not even see a screenshot of the new ERP system until close to go-live.  It is important to start to view the format, layout and design early.  Key users should be viewing applicable screens during configuration of the system.  When discussing how you want to see certain vendor related items, the team should be viewing the ERP system’s vendor screens, not just the set up screens.  The same for other modules.

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By viewing the actual screens the users will be working in after go-live, they become familiar and comfortable with the software.  It also allows for better input during configuration, which will lead to a better designed product.  Users should keep track of questions regarding what they see during configuration and demos.  This will allow for a more robust training when that phase of the project comes around before go-live.

It is a good idea to let user groups see what is happening in the ERP system both upstream and downstream from their processes.  This allows them to understand where their predecessor data is coming from and how that entry looks in the system.  Additionally, they can see what their data looks like to the groups using it downstream. 

And another area to learn along with the look, feel and use of the new system are new procedures.  Companies are much more likely to gain the efficiencies and benefits with a new ERP system if they have also designed new processes to accompany it. 

Our Business Consulting team works hand in hand with our IT install teams to help create these new processes.  If users can see workflow diagrams of their new processes in tandem with the new ERP screens, the entire experience is enhanced.

Tribridge has done more than 4,000 installs and has a deep level of experience in developing new procedures and getting customers acclimated to their new ERP Systems.  Some up front planning and the right partner will help you have a successful 10 Days to your ERP.

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