I sat down with Mary Miller, Marketing Director at ImageTag, to discuss their partnership with Tribridge and how we help customers improve their business processes through technology solutions.

Tell us about your organization.

ImageTag leads the transactional content management market by eliminating manual, paper-based business processes. We help people get their lives back by automating the painful tasks of printing, routing, tracking and filing documents – anywhere in the organization.

Built on our innovative “tag first, scan later” patented methodology, KwikTag, the core document management system, was the first to integrate business process automation with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. KwikTag integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, NAV and AX or it can stand-alone to simplify document management and automate any business process. KwikTag excels at accounts payable automation, expense management, forms automation or document tracking for employees, vendors, partners, projects and other paper-intensive relationships.

ImageTag is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona with regional offices in Tucson, AZ and Fort Lauderdale, FL. The KwikTag product family includes: KwikTag (document management system), KwikPayables (accounts payable automation), KwikExpense (expense management), KwikForms (forms automation) as well as Tailored KwikApps that address business areas such as sales orders, contract management, human resources and other document-intensive processes.

Tell us more about the products/technology/services that your organization offers.

KwikTag products are designed to automate any business process to increase efficiency, productivity and visibility. Ultimately, these benefits enable customers to make better business decisions, accelerate time to market and time to revenue, while reducing the stress of the employees who currently manage manual, inefficient processes.

The KwikTag technology is a web-based application that can stand alone or integrate directly with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. Customers of our workflow automation solutions appreciate the multiple approval options including online, mobile and email.

Why does partnering with Tribridge makes sense for your organization?

ImageTag and Tribridge provide a complete solution for organizations who need document management and process automation that integrates into their ERP system and other business areas.

Together, we help organizations assess and identify processes that can be improved and jointly provide a solution for them. Ultimately, our customers gain efficient, auditable and visible processes. The complete solutions provided by Tribridge and ImageTag decrease operational costs, while increasing revenue as well as employee and customer satisfaction. 

Anything else you think is important to share?

While the document management and process automation solutions delivered by ImageTag cross multiple industries, many of our projects with Tribridge customers are with healthcare providers and hospitals.

One common scenario for these organizations is to automate the accounts payable process, often with purchase orders and invoices that are created in a third-party system or arrive in a central mailroom. Once KwikTag is introduced into the process, the documents are sent directly into KwikTag, separated automatically, routed for approval and stored in a simple structure that makes all of documents easy to find. Department managers and accounts payable have visibility into and control over the entire process, as the audit trail is accessible with one simple click. Documents are no longer lost, which caused internal inefficiency and payment delays. Payment approval thresholds and check batch approvals are now managed automatically, without paper or manual steps. Once approved, the payment transaction is created in the ERP system with all of the documents attached.

For more information on how Tribridge can help you streamline your business processes, reach out to us.

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