4 Must-Have Mobile Technologies for Local Crime Fighters

At the local level, police departments, court systems and prison decision-makers are tasked with a vast majority of the community's justice enforcement and public safety efforts. Due to the tightly interconnected nature of these organizations' responsibilities, however, there are many negative consequences that await towns and counties that fail to solidify channels of communications between these environments. Mobile technologies can serve to promote reliable, streamlined connections among law enforcement officials across departments. Here are four that make an invaluable impact:

Bring Your Own Device

Issuing smartphones, tablets and laptops throughout a local government's justice agencies is not only a strain on community budgets, but a major inconvenience for end users forced to adopt unfamiliar devices. With BYOD policies that balance functionality with security, agents can enjoy the flexibility of mobile without running into adoption barriers. This also takes a heavy burden off IT teams who can quickly license devices to get new users up and running without a hitch.


If end users are relying on their own devices to perform work-related tasks, IT administrators had better ensure every mobile environment is protected with strong privacy and security measures. Creating separate personal and work containers within the hard drive is a great way to prevent the leakage of sensitive information from one to the other. With regulatory compliance becoming more strict each year, strong data protection is a must.

Cloud Based Applications

Criminal records, case details and officer files all need to be quickly and easily accessible from any location, especially when decision-makers are on the clock and under pressure. Cloud applications synchronize any updates to the database in a secure, centralized location to prevent problems such as redundant reporting and outdated file sharing. Cloud architectures are also efficiency powerhouses that can save organizations time and money, the two most precious resources in the world of government IT.

On-the-Go Training

In agencies across the country, veteran officials are retiring and leaving big shoes to fill with regard to experience and expertise. The next generation of public leaders need to build their skill sets and knowledge bases in a fast and effective manner to ensure they are fully prepared for the road ahead. According to Occupational Health and Safety, mobile learning systems are a reliable method of grooming these up-and-coming officials, especially those of the millennial generation who are willing and able to use their devices whenever possible.

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