Every CRM Project Needs a Team and Every Team Needs a Captain

Teamwork is essential to the success of any project, including the deployment of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Getting buy-in and involving representatives from across your organization can improve not only the deployment process, but also the outcome. Every team needs a champion or leader that is able to clarify priorities and guide the team through a successful deployment. While the CRM implementation will affect many departments and employees, there is a much smaller group of people directly involved in the planning and deployment process. Collaboration and communication are essential to project success. The CRM project team is under pressure to deliver a solution that improves efficiency for users and results for management. When working with a variety of stakeholders, partners, and employees - each with differing visions - a leader must take responsibility for the CRM solution as well as the business outcomes.

CRM Success Depends on Your Team and Leaders

Even with the best intentions, a CRM team may not be able to avoid all project pitfalls. However, they can take a proactive step by determining how to manage challenges as they arise. For example, employees that are selected for the CRM project team should have the time to dedicate to the project. If they have other responsibilities, then either the CRM project or client projects are at risk for failure. Those on the CRM team must be available and able to play an active role throughout the deployment.

One of the biggest challenges for the deployment team is garnering support for CRM and encouraging user adoption. There could be many different assumptions and expectations swirling around the project and it's important early on that users learn how a CRM system works and the benefits it provides. Coordinating leadership with anticipated outcomes requires communication and feedback. A visual scorecard, for example, can track progress and project successes. As more people use CRM and find that it's more efficient than their old spreadsheets and databases, the more they will want to move forward with deployment and encourage others to do the same.

Strong leadership and a carefully selected project team are necessary for a successful CRM deployment.

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