A Moment of Silence, Please, for the Mainframe Technology Solution Used by State and Local Governments

These mainframe systems were powerful, well managed and reliable environments that rarely went down. They simply ran and served their purpose well.

The people that ran and managed these environments from the government side were efficient, well trained and managed the platforms well. Even though the solutions that ran on these systems were complex and often difficult to extend, the mainframe platform met the client’s needs.

Risk Not Worth the Reward

Unfortunately, the Silver Tsunami is hitting State and County Government hard. The mainframe is becoming a significant risk and cost center. It’s reliability and ROI are going in opposing directions-and fast. The folks that know how to manage and run these legacy systems are retiring and the newer generation of IT Staff lack the familiarity and training to maintain them. This is compounded by the increasing cost and complexity of support and maintenance because the system providers themselves are having a tough time finding the next generation of folks wanting to invest the time and energy in learning how to manage mainframe technologies. The new generation of IT Professionals and IT Leaders would prefer to move significant amounts of infrastructure to more modern, common platforms - or better yet, move the applications to the cloud.

Focusing on Solutions

Once State and Local Governments can move off of the mainframe, they can better focus their resources creating and implementing solutions that provide value to the constituents. Spending time and resources sorting out how they can support an aging back end is simply not effective.  At the end of the day, it’s the solution that matters. It’s not the environment running the solutions that the public and end users care about.

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