Thankful to Truly Partner with Our Clients

When I accepted a position with Tribridge over 13 years ago, I had been working for a company that mainly focused on staff supplementation work. I knew there was more fulfilling work out there in the IT industry and I wanted to be a part of an organization that really understood their clients and partnered with them in developing great solutions. Well, as I would soon learn, Tribridge really understood the importance of being a true partner with their clients.

My second day here, I found myself at a client meeting. I was in awe as I listened to my director talking with the client. It was clear to me that the client trusted him wholeheartedly. After the meeting concluded and we were packing up our things, it was then that I saw one of the reasons why the client trusted him so much as they started asking each other about their respective families. I realized that building partnerships with our clients was not just about coding a great piece of software. It was much more than that!

Fast forward about 7 years from that day and I find myself in my director’s shoes. Now, I was the one who was talking with that same client with the same level of trust. We had become great friends over the years. We had partnered together to build and support a custom solution that is still in use to this day and has grown to over 1000 users. The client knew she could call me anytime and get a response. We were in this together! We didn’t just provide some software and a big binder of documents and go on our way, we delivered a variety of support over the years and developed a partnership that we were both truly thankful for.

At this time of year we want to express our gratitude for all of our clients and the relationships we have built together. Happy Thanksgiving!

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