At Tribridge, we are constantly seeking new and better ways to provide our customers with the best technology solutions to solve their unique business challenges. One of the ways that we do this is by teaming up with top-notch ISV partners that excel at enhancing our Microsoft, Cornerstone OnDemand and NetSuite solutions.

Abbey Cooper, Sales Manager at eOne Solutions, took some time to chat with me about the technology that eOne Solutions provides and how we work together.

Tell us about your organization.

eOne Solutions develops tools that help users ensure Dynamics works for their specific business needs. The US headquarters sits in Fargo, ND, with offices also in Austin, TX, and Sydney, Australia.

eOne’s team of 30+ serves over 20,000 customers globally. They offer SmartConnect for integration needs, SmartView and SmartList Builder to make working with SmartLists a whole lot easier, Extender to configure GP, SmartPost to schedule transaction batches to post, and more.

With world-class products, development, implementation and support, using eOne products is an equation for success.;

Tell us more about the products/technology/services that your organization offers.

We have several products to support Dynamics:

  • SmartConnect makes integration and automation simple with our drag and drop user interface, allowing users to connect from their data source (whether that is an ODBC connection, Excel file, txt file, web service, outside system, etc.) to their destination.
  • SmartList Builder, the most popular add on tool in the mid-market, allows you to build lists of ALL your Dynamics GP data.
  • SmartView provides a fast & flexible interface to existing SmartLists and those created with SmartList Builder.
  • Node Builder is the only way to build custom eConnect nodes – without writing code.
  • SmartPost allows you to schedule your transaction batches to post.
  • Extender allows you to create complete custom applications in GP without writing code.
  • Flexicoder automatically recodes GL distributions within SOP, Receivables Management and Returns Management modules.

Why does partnering with Tribridge makes sense for your organization?

Tribridge is a key strategic partner for eOne. We work together closely to provide our mutual customers with the best possible solutions in a world of constantly changing technology.

To learn more about how Tribridge and eOne can support your technology needs, reach out to us

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