Dynamics NAV Is a Breeze with Concerto Cloud

What is “The Cloud”? The ethereal Cloud? The Virtual Cloud?

Where did the cloud come from? Actually, the cloud has been around for a while.  Most people, when they think of the cloud, see the white formless mass of water vapor. Harmless enough.  However, if a situation becomes cloudy, it is not quite clear. If you’ve have bad luck, it is said a dark cloud may hang over you. Rest assured, in the world of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the cloud is a very good thing.

From a development standpoint, our private cloud services powered by Concerto, has made installation, implementation and maintenance a breeze; to use another meteorological term.

Smooth Deployment

All Concerto Cloud environments are deployed following a thorough and proven process developed from years of experience deploying in the cloud. There are no surprises, no permission issues, no space issues; just a clean install that is provisioned for reliability, security, and speed. And because of our honed process, the amount of time to install NAV with Concerto is a fraction of what it is to install in a client’s environment.

With Dynamics NAV in the cloud, support is streamlined as well. One username and one password are all the NAV team needs to access any install. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you are juggling 50 customers, keeping track of connection information, such as VPN , RDP, Servers , usernames and passwords, can become quite cumbersome and time consuming.

Proactive Updates and Maintenance

Another advantage is that all cloud hardware and drivers, patches, and all components of the technical infrastructure are maintained and updated proactively. This is the one benefit I have seen make the most impact in our clients day to day affairs. In most cases, our customers report learning of issues being prevented and/or fixed before they were aware there was one. If there are any issues at all, there is one number to call regardless of the issue being technical or application related.

Concerto is Tribridge’s choice for cloud NAV services as a platform designed to make life easier for implementers, developers, and clients.

Mission accomplished!

Feel free to reach out to me with questions about Dynamics NAV or the cloud at john.pfaffenberger@tribridge.com.

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