Seeking a Solution for Supervised Offenders

As if California's county jail systems weren't under enough financial and operational strain, recently revealed statistics suggest that the state is seeing its problems grow even further out of hand. Decision-makers are in need of an offender management solution now more than ever, as San Bernardino County Probation Department spokesman Chris Condon stated that the number of supervised adult offenders in Victorville, California, has increased 7 percent since the institution of the state's prison realignment initiative AB 109 in October 2011, according to the Victorville Daily Press. 

Keeping an Eye on the Public

While this spike in supervision does not have a clear cause in San Bernardino county, according to Condon, he suggested that a shift in court decision-making is a primary factor. The source explained that former parolees are now viewed as probationers by the community, a subtle yet impactful tweak to the demands of county law enforcement. Overall, communities such as Barstow have seen overall increases as severe as 27 percent their adult offender populations over the past three years, highlighting the urgency of an improved offender management strategy. "AB 109 recategorized offenders," Condon reportedly wrote in a statement. "It took the triple-non offenders, which is a large amount of the prison population, and took them out of the prisons and into the county probation system."

More Than Ready for a Change

While reducing inmate jail time in favor of extended probation sentences doesn't seem like an optimal approach, the Victorville Daily Press pointed out that there are few alternatives. With more prisoners crowding county facilities, decision-makers have opted to supervise offenders in their communities rather than let them roam free. Of course, standard IT infrastructure isn't engineered to account for the growing probation population and the management challenges that come with these changes. 

Now that this initiative is entering its fifth year, it's high time that public officials updated their tech profiles to account for this influx and reduce the frustrations and concerns of California's communities. Tribridge Offender360 management is optimized to align with evolving demands such as those seen in San Bernardino and beyond. The software that can be equipped with a number of dynamic modules, including Community Corrections Management tools, that are engineered for the tracking and monitoring of parolees and probationers. This is the functionality that decision-makers in California need to realize positive AB 109 outcomes moving forward.

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