What Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mean for Existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers?

If you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the transition to Dynamics 365 is almost like an upgrade. It’s not abandoning what you have in CRM, it’s expanding on and extracting value from what you already have by connecting areas of business, giving you an elegant (and streamlined!) way to get information out.

Worries about losing CRM will go away once users realize it really is the same product, same code-base and everything is ready to go with a few minor tweaks. It’s simply not a big deal when it’s time for your company to make that move.

Knowing the right time to move is half the battle, but it’s no longer a difficult one. Microsoft has made migration as easy as possible by using the same code-base and core solution. Customizations can be migrated if you still need them. Deciding which way to go with Dynamics 365 can be determined on a few factors like regulations, cost, users, application and data storage. Each company differs in their priorities and requirements.

If you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, you’ve already migrated to Dynamics 365 as of November 2016 and may not be taking full advantage of what you have at your fingertips, such as:

  • In Dynamics 365, information shows up easier. It’s user-friendly in a way where you don’t have to have a developer help you communicate with your customers. It cuts out the unnecessary details so businesses can serve their customers more elegantly.
  • With access to Power Apps you can pull information out of the system and receive it via smartphone versus a website with a CRM login.
  • Microsoft Flow let’s business users create workflows without a developer

Here at Tribridge, we also leverage Power Apps as a Dynamics 365 user ourselves. We can surface CRM data in a mobile app without a developer at hand. We can then provide that data directly with our clients to provide purpose-driven apps for certain tasks from one complete data source instead of an otherwise complicated monolithic application.

Digital Transformation is real. It is not in the future. Companies who are embracing it are succeeding. The very first step to build your business around customers is to implement a CRM solution. Dynamics 365 is the best of the best and we would be honored to help you through your transition. Having the implementation experience of working with over 500 customers, we make sure we’re not recreating the wheel with every upgrade, implementation, or customization.

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