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Healthcare payors like insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, service contractors and claim handlers under state or federal medical assistance programs now account for approximately 80 percent of all healthcare spending. Most government and healthcare leaders understand that spending increases cannot continue indefinitely and are seeking ways to increase efficiencies.

Payor organizations worldwide are focused on managing the gap between funding and medical costs, often in the context of a changing regulatory environment. Effective solutions need to be tailored to local healthcare systems, and payor organizations must find the best ways to influence the evolution of their healthcare systems.

Leaders of hospitals, academic medical centers and pharmacies must devise strategies to not only deliver value for patients, but also to generate financial results and be competitive in their local markets.

Why Tribridge?

Tribridge's deep experience in the healthcare industry extends to having a sector dedicated specifically to payors and providers. Utilizing Microsoft technologies for ERP such as Dynamics AX and Management tools like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can allow your payor organization to care for more people, with better results, at a lower cost.

Whether your organization requires a new accounting and ERP system, a customized software application to better serve clients, business and technology consulting services or human capital management solutions, count on Tribridge’s technology and industry business experts to deliver ready-to-deploy cloud solutions and integration strategies designed to meet the requirements of your business.

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