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Integrated solutions for Healthcare Providers in Acute and Post-Acute Care Environments

Medical technologies within the hospital industry are changing services delivery. Less invasive surgical procedures allow a growing number of medical treatments to take place on an outpatient basis or in a post-acute care environment. Advanced technology, combined with innovative business models located outside of traditional product markets or delivery systems, produce simplified, quality services at lower costs with broader accessibility.

Why Tribridge?

Acute Care

Whether your organization requires a new accounting and ERP system, a customized software application to better serve patients and clients, business and technology consulting services or human capital management solutions, count on Tribridge's technology and industry business experts to deliver ready-to-deploy cloud solutions and integration strategies designed to meet the requirements of your healthcare business. We can help your acute care organization in the following areas:

  • Improved patient flow and throughput
  • Improved workflow and process improvement 
  • Infrastructure, disaster and failure recovery
  • Procedure tracking, billing, and payroll
  • Materials management

Post-Acute Care

The recent focus on improving post-acute care transitions is being driven by an interest in reducing hospital readmissions. Use of technology can lead to fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits, high patient satisfaction and acceptance, and reductions in cost of care. Keys to post-acute care are providing continuity of care across settings, and supporting the patient in developing and maintaining a personal health record.

Tribridge Solutions For Healthcare Providers

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Care Coordination in a Post-EHR World - How CRM and Mobile Tools are Enabling Change

As the healthcare industry transitions to a value-based system, communication with patients before and after their encounters with a health system will become paramount. Customer relationship management software provides that connection.

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