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The transformation to value-based payment and population health is challenging providers and payers to make dramatic changes in the ways they operate.

What do you need to win in a value-based environment? Health360 is an industry leading, cloud-based Population Health and Consumer Experience solution from Tribridge and Microsoft that enables providers and payers to personalize care experiences, ensure quality, lower costs and increase satisfaction and customer loyalty. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Azure, Health360 is a new way to tackle Population Health - one person at a time.

Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Health360 Core

Person-centered data-model for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Azure, pre-configured for healthcare requirements.

Care Coordination

Proactively plan and coordinate care for each person and enable perpetual patient relationships. Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction, while reducing costs. Option to leverage embedded clinical protocols and best practices from Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

Consumer Engagement

Campaign for attention and engage consumers and patients in their own, personalized care experience. Monitor patient-sponsored and IoT health data in real-time. Give patients easy-to-use mobile apps for enabling ongoing dialog and perpetual feedback.

Consumer Experience

Personalize every interaction with the health system with powerful Next Best Action guidance from Health360 based on what we know about a consumer (clinical, behavioral, situational and preferential intelligence). Enable marketing and contact center automation and efficiency and consumer intimacy. Leverage embedded Telehealth Guidelines from Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content.

Care Network

Optimize your Provider network with Physician Relationship Management, M&A pipeline management, onboarding, training and referral management. Leverage embedded Provider Intelligence and Claims Data from Evariant.

Damon Auer, VP of Health & Life Sciences with Tribridge, talks about how Health360 can help health provider organizations personalize care experiences.

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Personalizing Healthcare Experiences with Health360

Damon Auer, VP of Health & Life Sciences with Tribridge, talks about how Health360 can help health provider organizations personalize care experiences.

Infographic: Zoom In On Patient-Centered Care

As the ACA timeline progresses, healthcare institutions find themselves in need of tools to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality assurance. Meet these requirements with CRM solutions.

Fact Sheets & Brochures
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Revolutionizes the U.S. Healthcare System

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System is piloting a highly coordinated, intensely personalized solution built on Microsoft technologies for machine intelligence and advanced data analytics, including the just-announced Cortana Analytics Suite.

Health360 Overview Brochure

The business of healthcare is one of the most dynamic and complex industries in the world. The challenges are to maintain compliance, safety, and patient expectations while managing costs and still meet the growing needs of an aging populations.

Fact Sheets & Brochures
Tribridge Health360 Gives Healthcare Providers Tools That Enable A Truly Personal Care Experience

Tribridge announces Tribridge Health360, a complete Healthcare solution suite for managing care quality and patient engagement, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Tribridge Health360 Now includes Clinical Content from Schmitt-Thompson

Tribridge Health360 announces that will now included embedded clinical content resources from Schmitt-Thompson, assisting providers and providing more personalized patient care.