Streamline Operations, Tracking and Collaboration

Tribridge solutions for pharmaceutical organizations are powered by a winning combination of innovative Microsoft technologies and our extensive experience and knowledge of this ever-changing industry.

Why Tribridge?

Compliance Collaboration

Post and access documents easily and satisfy regulatory compliance requirements using Microsoft technology solutions from Tribridge. As electronic spreadsheets and text documents replace paper records, research-driven firms are turning to electronic content management (ECM) systems to control the flow of digital information. Many government regulatory organizations require that these systems maintain the digital equivalent of a paper chain with strict criteria for electronic signatures and documents. Non-compliance means fines and delays. Tribridge can help virtually eliminate the paper with Microsoft technologies and workflows.

Physician Directed Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical companies have long relied on large, expensive sales forces to influence physicians in their prescribing behavior and to drive revenue. However, formulary challenges and a burgeoning army of sales representatives are competing for increasingly limited physician face time. To increase marketing share in this changing environment, you need secure, up-to-date business intelligence to determine the most effective channels for delivering timely messages to physicians, payors, hospitals and consumers. Increase productivity and revenue and better manage your sales prospects using familiar Microsoft technology solutions. Help your sales staff collaborate and communicate, gain visibility into customer information, and better monitor KPIs for improved decisions.

Pharmaceutical Innovation Management

In order to improve data exchange and foster collaboration, innovation solutions should integrate with other applications, and seamlessly aggregate data from disparate sources into common, accessible formats. By making information accessible, innovation can flourish within your organization. With technology solutions that are flexible, familiar and easy-to-use, your team members can manage and share information at any time, wherever they are, boosting innovation and improving efficiency.

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