The only consumer-centered, CRM-powered Population Health solution built for the Microsoft Cloud

Health360 - This is the Microsoft Cloud for Health


You know what sounds impersonal? “Population Health Management” (PHM).

To meet the “Triple Aim” of PHM — improve the experience of care, improve the health of populations and reduce per capita costs of delivery — requires Healthcare organizations to engage and impact the health of one person at a time.

Let’s get personal.

The goal of healthcare is to help people get well and stay well. This is what PHM is all about and it is why Health360 is becoming internationally known as the leading solution to personalize care experiences and deliver against all three PHM objectives, today.

Tribridge developed Health360 in conjunction with passionate clinicians, technologists and customer advocates from inside and outside the healthcare industry. Health360 enables payers and providers to share accountability under evolving value-based care models. But most importantly, it puts the focus on each individuals’ health to change the health of populations.

Health360 is the only consumer-centered, CRM-powered Population Health Management solution built for the Microsoft Cloud.

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Tribridge Health360 is Modular


Engagement Center

Health360 Engagement Center is based on a person-centered, healthcare data model, focused on helping patients be well and stay well. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure, and pre-configured to meet healthcare requirements, this cloud solution helps you better understand your patients and their behaviors, preferences, goals and challenges so you can create stronger relationships and deliver more-personalized care.


Care Coordination

Care Coordination enables proactive patient engagement and care coordination outside of care facilities, reducing the number of acute care visits, lowering healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes. Care Coordination uses data from existing hospital and clinical systems to identify care program candidates so that population managers, care coordinators, and other care team members can easily manage these patient relationships and improve care coordination. This includes embedded chronic disease management and post-discharge clinical guidelines from Dartmouth-Hitchcock to help speed the inquiry-to-application process and ensure care teams are armed with the best and most current evidence-based practice guidelines.



Engagement is a critical part of experience and value-based care performance, and it warrants a module of its own. Today, successful healthcare providers must manage a complex array of wearable data, mobile apps and other patient-centric tools – these even include tools for approved family members and caregivers. The Consumer Engagement module provides an infrastructure that enables care coordinators to proactively manage this engagement so that each patient – as well as the entire patient population – can benefit as well as the payers and providers.


CONSUMER Experience

Patients are consumers first, and they routinely compare their experiences across their customer journey. Convenience, customer service and ease-of-use are just some of the drivers that determine whether a healthcare provider, like a brand, is preferred and, equally important, referred. Experience also matters for quality scores, such as HEDIS and Star Ratings, and other measures tied to reimbursement and incentives. The Consumer Experience module codifies the important steps for creating a more personalized experience, one patient at a time. With direct integration to the contact center, every touchpoint, from a marketing communication to a call center episode or telehealth session (through Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content) is personalized and relevant.


Care Network

Value-based care models are complex, and managing affiliated and non-affiliated physicians, varied contracts, risk sharing, incentives, payment bundling and other financial and operational variables is a daunting task. By managing the care network with greater efficiency, organizations can optimize their provider network with Physician Relationship Management, M&A pipeline management, onboarding, training and referral management. Utilizing embedded Provider Intelligence and Claims data from Evariant can help organizations visually analyze and segment data to create actionable plans.

Care Coordination on AppSource

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Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Tribridge built Health360 with passionate clinicians, and technologists and customer advocates from inside and outside healthcare. Health360 enables payers and providers to share accountability under evolving value-based care models and, most important, puts the focus on each individuals’ health to change the health of populations.

Health360 is the only consumer-centered, CRM-powered Population Health Management solution built for the Microsoft Cloud.

Built for Health, Made Better With Partners

Tribridge built Health360 with and for healthcare professionals who are dedicated to helping people get and stay well. We built the solution around care coordination, which many consider the “hard part,” because we understood that any solution must align with the workflow unique to patient care, reimbursement and quality measurement. It means that Health360 can start providing value immediately.

But the healthcare industry is in transition, and technology requirements keep changing. That’s why we’ve created a PHM solution alongside Microsoft that can incorporate uniquely valuable solutions and content. Health360 now provides integrated evidence-based care plans from Dartmouth-Hitchcock, telehealth triage protocols from Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content and referral pattern and provider analytics from Evariant. And we’re in ongoing discussions with more cloud-based partners to extend the value of the solution for customers.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Dartmouth-Hitchcock: Improved Patient Outcomes, Reduced Costs, Highly Personalized Care

Health360 is a key component of ImagineCare at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. ImagineCare combines Dartmouth-Hitchcock's evidence-based clinical pathways and behavior change research, the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Azure and Health360.

Recent Industry Accolades

In its recent report, "Healthcare CRM 2015: From Acquiring Patients to Managing Health," healthcare technology researcher KLAS noted that most CRM platforms lack the more robust predictive utilization models and other complex analysis tools required for true PHM. About Health360, however, the report’s authors refer to its "native population health capabilities," and they point to remarks from providers that use Health360 that "Tribridge has the capacity and willingness to help customize their CRM solution to better meet specific needs for PHM and marketing."

One survey respondent, also a Health360 customer, singled out Tribridge for its PHM capabilities, saying that "After engaging with Tribridge, we saw that they really seemed to understand the population health philosophy that we had. We are not into fee for service; we are more focused on population health management. So our philosophies meshed well."

Honors and Awards

Tribridge has received a 2016 Microsoft Health Innovation Award for Tribridge Health360 and its implementation of the solution with Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H). Microsoft recognized Tribridge at the HIMSS16 Conference in the "Creating More Personal Computing" category, which emphasizes enhancing the consumer and clinician experience by making experiences mobile, easier, faster, more integrated and less prone to error or attack.

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Tribridge won the 2017 Microsoft Dynamics Industry Partner of the Year Award for its work in healthcare and recognized for its purpose-built solutions developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure, including Tribridge Health360, the Health360 Care Coordination module on Microsoft AppSource and Tribridge ERP for Healthcare.

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