Care Coordination

Proactive Patient Engagement Outside of Care Facilities

As the healthcare industry continues the inevitable shift to value-based payment and accountable care, healthcare delivery organizations of all sizes have a renewed focus on the challenge of coordinating care outside of their physical facilities. Tribridge provides a solution that leverages mobile tools, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) as a closed-loop Care Coordination platform.

Why Tribridge Health360 Care Coordination?

Tribridge Care Coordination is designed to complement existing critical healthcare technologies like hospital and clinical information systems by enabling proactive patient engagement and care coordination outside of care facilities; facilitating fewer acute care visits and better overall health; and achieving lower healthcare costs. Tribridge Care Coordination arms healthcare providers with a powerful, intuitive platform for developing and managing personalized care programs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM works like Microsoft Office and Outlook, shortening the learning curve and improving user experience.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Care Coordination
  • Chronic Disease Case Management
  • Patient Communication, Reminders, Education and Self Service
  • Provider Referral Management
  • Clinical and Administrative Workflow Automation – Care Path
  • Community Outreach Management
  • Mobile Caregiver Activity Capture 360° Unified Patient Interaction View

The solution enables population managers, care coordinators and physicians to easily manage patient relationships and improve care coordination outside health system facilities. Data from hospital and clinical systems is used to identify Care Program candidates in a specific population, and Tribridge Care Coordination helps to develop custom at-home care plans for the prevention and management of a variety of chronic disease conditions.


  • Member/Contract Management
  • Care Program Management
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Personalized Care Plan
    • Clinical
    • Social
    • Behavioral
    • Preferential
  • Care Collaboration (Office 365)
  • Care Analytics
  • Role-Based “Next Best Action” Workflow

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Our Insights

Care Coordination - Use Case Demo

Loyalty. Advocacy. Satisfaction. Education. Telehealth offers a unique opportunity to advance patient outcomes while enhancing the patient experience.

Infographic: Health360 Care Coordination

Tribridge Health360 creates a unified environment for managing and improving health and outcomes inside and outside the care facility.

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Care Coordination

Tribridge worked with Microsoft to create Care Coordination, a powerful, intuitive platform for developing and managing personalized care programs. Care Coordination gives healthcare providers a unified environment in which to manage and improve the...