Tribridge Health360 Care Coordination

Engage Patients, Plan, Coordinate and Personalize Care

As the healthcare industry continues the inevitable shift to value-based payment and accountable care, healthcare delivery organizations of all sizes have a renewed focus on the challenge of coordinating care outside of their physical facilities. That’s where Tribridge Health360 Care Coordination can help.

Leveraging mobile tools, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) as a closed-loop care coordination platform, the module enables proactive patient engagement and personalized care inside and outside of care facilities, reducing the number of acute care visits, lowering healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes. Even more, Health360 Care Coordination includes embedded chronic disease management and post-discharge clinical guidelines from Dartmouth-Hitchcock to ensure care teams are armed with the best and most current evidence-based practice guidelines.

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Why Tribridge Health360 Care Coordination?

With Health360 Care Coordination you can:

Engage & Plan:

Use powerful analytics to segment your population and identify patients for proactive care planning and coordination. Engage individuals and incorporate preferences, and personal goals with clinical and behavioral care protocols, to create a collaborative Personal Care Plan that is unique.

Monitor & Coordinate:

Monitor Personal Care Plans based on any observable data – from your EMR, remote connected devices, patient-reported, or service cases from a triage contact center. Care team members are alerted to gaps in care and can provide support and intervention in near real-time. Leverage FHIR integration APIs to get information to/from your EMR, patient portal and personal mobile devices. Reduce unplanned or unpredictable acute care episodes and Emergency Department admissions.

Personalize & Delight:

Each person’s Care Plan informs the “Next Best Action” for every care team member and service provider – creating a very personal care experience. Improve patient satisfaction and well-being while enabling care team members to impact more people with an efficient, modern, SaaS care coordination platform.

This is Population Health impact, one person at a time.

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