Health360 Care Network

Care Network

Consolidate and Integrate your Physician and Care Network Relationships

Managing the many relationships you have with physicians and other critical healthcare staff can be complicated. Information is often scattered in emails, meeting notes and phone messages and distributed throughout numerous systems.

A robust physician relationship management solution-one that integrates easily with your existing processes and applications-can help healthcare organizations like yours to improve business results by simplifying management of those relationships with both affiliated and nonaffiliated physicians in your community. By managing the provider network with greater efficiency, organizations can negotiate contracts for optimal financial results, and process claims with greater accuracy, reducing cost and errors, to increase provider satisfaction.

Why Tribridge Health360 Care Network?

The Tribridge Health360 suite includes the Care Network management module that allows an organization to automate many aspects of contract modeling, execution, claims pricing, and payment bundling. These end-to-end network management solutions allow providers and payors to stay in compliance while achieving faster returns on investment. Track an applicant’s references, education, skills and interview information. This solution not only provides robust physician tracking and credentialing, but also provides a cost-effective platform for cross-departmental collaboration, advanced activity management, scheduling and automated workflows to simplify the user experience.


  • M&A Pipeline/Activity
  • Provider Onboarding
  • M&A Pipeline/Activity
  • Physician Education
  • Credentialing
  • Care Collaboration

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