Health360 Care Network

Health 360™ Care Network

Powerful Analytics Give Insight into Provider Relationships

Your health system uses an EMR to track patients and their health, but how do you track the health of your relationships with physicians and other referral partners? As payments continue to shift from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, the relationships among your upstream and downstream referral partners become even more critical. Strengthening those relationships can help improve your system’s bottom line.

Using the Health 360 Care Network module from Tribridge can give you unparalleled insight into those relationships to help you:

  • Determine where your referrals come from
  • Identify new partnership opportunities
  • Automate many physician contract/onboarding duties
  • Reduce leakage by maximizing physician relationships
  • Increase your bottom line by enhancing revenue

Think of Care Network as a CRM system for your providers, treating both affiliated and non-affiliated physicians as valuable members of your care team.

Why Tribridge Health360 Care Network?

Better Relationships Mean More Referrals

Care Network leverages embedded technology from Evariant to analyze your system's claims data, market factors and other information, providing actionable insight into who your most loyal physicians are, who is referring out of your system, you're most productive service lines and much more. Understanding your partner relationships also can help you identify potential partnerships, mergers and/or acquisitions.

Using mobile devices, your physician liaisons can access the central database remotely to get the latest information to help them achieve aggressive goals for physician referrals and reduce patient transfer time. Remote access improves visibility into physician and patient relationships and streamlines the flow of referral data between hospitals.

It's now much easier to identify patients and other referral sources, including the ability to connect with them by using highly relevant, personalized messaging.

Unmatched Insight into Physician Relationships

Changes in care models are leaving hospitals potentially financially liable for the care they are providing. It's important in care collaboration models that physicians and hospitals work closely together to improve overall outcomes.

The Health 360 Care Network is a powerful physician management tool that helps you take the pulse of each physician or practice relationship—affiliated and non-affiliated physicians and practices alike. Each physician and practice is ranked according to metrics you set, helping you judge performance against those metrics and showing you where to concentrate your efforts.

Automate Activity Management, Scheduling and More

Care Network not only offers robust physician tracking it also provides a cost-effective platform for cross-departmental collaboration, advanced activity management, scheduling and automated workflows to simplify the user experience.

Potential uses include:

  • M&A pipeline/activity
  • Provider onboarding
  • Physician education
  • Credentialing
  • Credentialing

Health 360 Care Network helps you stay in compliance while achieving faster returns on investment.

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