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Consumer Experience

The ideal consumer experience increasingly is being defined by non-clinical elements, such as convenience, customer service and staff attitude. Consumer experience metrics have been gaining traction in healthcare as incentive payments to health organizations become linked to patient satisfaction scores, or HCAHPS, as a key component to calculate value-based incentive payments. Effectively managing the relationship between the healthcare provider and its patient is critical to a successful outcome for both.

Why Tribridge Health360 Consumer Experience?

The Tribridge Health360 suite includes the Consumer Experience module that allows an organization to begin and maintain these good relationships to not only improve patient satisfaction, but also foster effective communications, which may help to improve the patient's health and health-related quality of life.

The Schmitt-Thompson telephone triage guidelines are a decision support tool for telephone care providers. They assist the telephone care provider through the data collection, triage, decision-making, disposition selection and advice giving processes. The clinical content is used by more than 400 health systems and health plans and an additional 10,000 physician practices. Health360 utilizes these protocols in the Consumer Experience module to help call centers better manage care situations for a personalized experience.

Improving the patient and consumer experience means engaging people where they are with the tools and information they expect to have.


  • Population Segmentation
  • Marketing/Campaign Management
  • Care Collaboration
  • Integrate Patient and Family
  • Portals and Mobile Tools
  • Service Personalization (VIP)
  • HealthVault, Health Cloud, and Device Integration

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