Health360 Consumer Experience

Putting Patients Where They Belong – Front and Center

Patients increasingly form the core of the care experience, and rightly so. But it’s frustrating for patients to navigate phone trees and play tag to get an appointment, request a prescription refill or determine whether an emerging condition warrants an ER visit. At the same time, you want clinicians to focus on patient care—and not distractions that can compromise that care.

Tribridge Health360 Consumer Experience can help to effectively manage the relationship between patients and providers, balancing the needs of each. Fully half of all provider calls are not clinical in nature, so segregation allows calls to go to the person or team best-suited to handle them.

Why Tribridge Health360 Consumer Experience?

The Consumer Experience module provides a world-class, multi-channel customer experience at every touch, creating a more personalized experience, one patient at a time. Features include:

  • Integrated contact/call center automation
  • Service personalization
  • Marketing/campaign management
  • Social listening and media
  • Patient portal/mobile tools integration

Effective Point of Contact

The contact center operates as the first point of interaction. The contact center provides patients and customers, both internal and external, easy access to:

  • Multi-channel appointment scheduling
  • Prescription refill requests
  • Provider contacts
  • Physician selection and referral management
  • Patient registration
  • Network financial clearance 
  • General information on system and services
  • Evaluation of emerging medical needs through Contact Center nurses

    Clinical Content from Schmitt-Thompson

    Available with the Consumer Experience module are embedded telephone triage guidelines from Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content to assist the remote care provider through the data collection, triage, decision-making, disposition selection and advice giving processes. Custom content can be used either wholly or in conjunction with four clinical content modules that cover adults and pediatrics both during office hours and after hours. Patient answers to the decision-tree hierarchy of conditions flow to the patient record to document the encounter.

    The Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content is used by more than 400 health systems and health plans and an additional 10,000 physician practices. Health360 utilizes these protocols in the Consumer Experience module to help call centers better manage care situations for a personalized experience.

    Proactive Outreach to Populations

    Effective engagement allows patients to form stronger bonds with providers and may help them become more compliant. Consumer Experience lets you create static or dynamic patient lists based on such factors as age, chronic condition, sex, ACO participation, physician, insurer and much more. Remind seniors to get their annual flu shots, target women of a certain age about the importance of mammograms or send timely reminders about appointments or prescription refills.

    Dashboards Keep Everyone on Task

    Standard and custom dashboards let supervisors and managers track the metrics that are most important to them. Examples include contact volume by day, week or month, queue volume, who’s handling a particular call and who’s assigned to take certain types of communication.

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