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Great Patient Relationships Start with Health360

Health360 Engagement Center is based on a person-centered, healthcare data model, focused on helping patients be well and stay well. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure, and pre-configured to meet healthcare requirements, this cloud solution helps you better understand your patients and their behaviors, preferences, goals and challenges so you can create stronger relationships and deliver more-personalized care.

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Why Health360 Engagement Center from Tribridge?

Health360 leverages data from EMRs and other HIT systems to present a consumer-first, 360-degree view of your patients. The solution provides the foundation to allow you to personalize interactions and create better overall care experiences.

With Health360 Engagement Center you can:

  • Centralize disconnected patient information and create a “Golden Record”
  • Understand patient behaviors, preferences and needs at-a-glance
  • Improve productivity and patient satisfaction from first point of access
  • Personalize patient experiences

Health360 Engagement Center on AppSource

Find the right app for your business


In addition to Health360 Engagement Center, the Health360 suite includes the following modules:

  • Care Coordination helps you to proactively plan and coordinate care, leveraging embedded clinical protocols and best practices from Dartmouth-Hitchcock.
  • Consumer Engagement attracts and engages consumers and patients in their own, personalized care experience.
  • Consumer Experience personalizes every interaction with your health system, based on clinical, behavioral, situational and preferential data. Leverages embedded Telehealth Guidelines from Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content.
  • Care Network leverages embedded Provider Intelligence and Claims Data from Evariant to optimize your Provider network.

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One Sheet: Health360 Core

Health360 Core is the base module for a comprehensive population health platform that enables providers and payers to personalize care experiences, increasing satisfaction and loyalty while enabling high-quality, lower cost care.

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eBook: Embracing Population Health Management: How Six Innovators Are Pioneering Value-Based Care

In this eBook we will look more closely at acute care, post-acute care/rehabilitation management and chronic disease management providers, and spotlight areas of innovation

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Tribridge Health360 Overview Video

Health360 is an industry leading, cloud-based Population Health and Consumer Experience solution enables providers and payers to personalize care experiences, ensure quality, lower costs and increase satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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The business of healthcare is one of the most dynamic and complex industries in the world. The challenges are to maintain compliance, safety, and patient expectations while managing costs and still meet the growing needs of an aging populations.

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