Cloud-based Contract Management and Revenue Recognition for Organizations that Need to Manage Complex Multi-Element Contracts and Subscriptions

Tribridge Advanced Contract Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides integrated contract, revenue, and billing functionality to help manage “multi-element arrangements” that are common in High Tech, Software and Industrial equipment industries. Multi-element arrangements, or contracts for both product and services with different delivery and revenue recognition criteria, present multiple challenges for fast-moving organizations.

Tribridge Advanced Contract Management supports these complex business needs and delivers a solution that:

  • Meets VSOE, ASC 605, IRFS 15, SOP 97-2 and other compliance standards
  • Delivers accurate and automated revenue recognition while meeting new FASB (ASC 606) and IASB standards requirements
  • Provides the ability to easily forecast business and revenue projections
  • Manages complex contracts including sales prices, different levels of arrangements or bundling, agreements spanning multiple years, license key tracking
  • Makes the most of renewal and cross-sell opportunities
  • Leverages standard Dynamics integration framework to integrate to Dynamics and non-Dynamics quoting systems.

Tribridge Advanced Contract Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 automates end-to-end functions for multi-element arrangements and revenue recognition management, empowering organizations to increase efficiency and grow their business.

Why Tribridge Advanced Contract Management?


Highly configurable billing and revenue processing engine provides flexibility to address the most complex scenarios

Meets New Standards

The only provider in the market to apply the new revenue standards (ASC 606 / IRFS 15) to contracts executed through project management and accounting


Automatically modify revenue schedules as well as sales orders to adjust for cancellation of individual items or services, addition of products or services to the mix during the course of a contract or adjust for pricing changes


Delivered by Tribridge, with unrivaled Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration and implementation expertise and customer satisfaction

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