Tribridge Pretrial360

Cloud-based pretrial management software on the Microsoft platform to manage defendants, supervision caseload, and risk assessments.

Evidence-based Practice Management

Tribridge Pretrial360 efficiently and accurately manages the pretrial process related to defendants’ supervision while awaiting trial. Key reporting capabilities allow for better management of defendant and the risks associated with the bail decision process.

Making evidenced-based decisions based on records and risk assessments for bail decisions promotes public safety and the well-being of defendants and their families.

Based on Microsoft technology, Pretrial360’s interactive dashboards and analytics integrate with automated business rules and processes of case management to deliver real-time information and visibility in a mobile-ready, CJIS-compliant environment.

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Promote Public Safety and the Well-Being of Defendants

Reduce the risk of error and save time on manual data entry. Tribridge Pretrial360 efficiently and accurately manages the pretrial process for making evidence-based decisions related to defendants’ supervision while awaiting trial.

Maintain records on and assess risk for an individual’s bail decisions. By accurately consolidating all the information related to an offender or defendant that could assist in analyzing that individual, you can make recommendations to the court with confidence based on an evidence-based practice. Analyzing data on a granular level can identify trends, and efficiently manage the pretrial process including supervision and programs.

Risk Assessments

With Pretrial360, regularly reviewing the pretrial detainee population in the jail allows jurisdictions to see if circumstances allowing for pretrial release may have changed. The Microsoft platform database tracks all necessary information to pull real-time data instantly. Specialized assessments such as domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health evaluations can assist in the release and supervision decision.

Pretrial360 Risk Assessments

Defendant Management

When defense counsel is engaged prior to the initial appearance and is prepared to represent the defendant on the issue of bail, early screening of defendant cases will allow for appropriate charging or timely dismissal, as well as early diversion or problem-solving court eligibility determinations. Pretrial360 can produce and store all associated reports for better management.

Pretrial360 Defendant Management

Supervision Case Management

Supervision services can greatly improve pretrial outcomes by providing appropriate conditions and services for those awaiting trial. Pretrial360's alerts and automated workflows provides supervision and monitoring of defendants released by the court. Common pretrial supervision conditions include checking in with a pretrial case manager, court date reminders, drug testing, GPS supervision, and treatment referrals.

Pretrial360 Supervise Case Management

Why Pretrial360?

Tribridge Pretrial360 was designed to help agencies deal with pretrial management more effectively. Built on Microsoft Dynamics, Pretrial360 has three distinct modules to focus on different areas of Pretrial Management to help jurisdictions move from resource-based to risk-based bail decision-making process.

As requirements move to more of an emphasis on collection and publication of pretrial justice performance and outcome measures, Pretrial360's solutions are designed to allow for more informed decision-making at each phase in the pretrial process, from first contact with law enforcement through adjudication. Whether it be the state criminal history repositories, jails, police departments, sheriffs' offices, courts and local pretrial services or probation departments, interoperability of data systems is key. Tribridge's expertise can help integrate and streamline these silos and processes.

  • Built on the Microsoft platform means a scalable, stable platform where the most up to date functionality is always available.
  • Being web-based makes it remotely accessible and mobile-ready with built in security and infrastructure.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics enable data-driven risk assessments using real-time availability and dashboards, removing the risk of human judgment.

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