Decision Day: Options for Pretrial Management

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Please join us in our webinar hosted by Justice Clearinghouse on March 29 at 3pm EST.  Making evidenced-based decisions for bail, based on records and risk assessments, promotes public safety and the well-being of defendants and their families.

Pretrial services is undergoing a renaissance, where there is much debate about standards and best practices. Whether you have had a pretrial program for decades or are just discussing starting one, your agency is part of bigger pretrial movement. How can we leverage that voice as a field, focus, or discipline instead of independent groups? Join Chris Williams of Tribridge, a DXC Technology company, and Nick Sayner of JusticePoint as they discuss viewpoints in the industry including:

  • Best practices or just more of the same?Frustration points, NAPSA Standards, and driving from experience
  • Outcome measures with common definitions
  • The "no hands" approach to measurement

Learn how to move from folders, binders, and hand written case notes to technology that can quantify and aid in the outcomes your agency wants to see. Bring your notebook, questions, and an open mind to hear about what to avoid... and what is possible.

For more information, contact:
Jaime Saeger
Marketing Manager
1 (888) 883-9797 x9066

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