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Will 2016 Deliver a Watershed Year for Women in Business? One Tampa Firm Hopes So

Published: February 16, 2016

Our very own Holly Grogan, Vice President of Tribridge's "people team," our human resources department, was featured in a recent Tampa Bay Times Business article discussing Tribridge's efforts to bridge the gender gap in technology leadership.

"Forty percent of its employees are women, an impressive statistic for a male-heavy technology industry. You would think Tribridge would be content on the gender front. But it's not.

In a Dec. 7 column published in Inc. magazine, Tribridge founder and CEO Tony DiBenedetto — a prominent technology executive in this area — acknowledged a "harsh realization" that the company he spent years building may have failed some women team members at Tribridge.

Initially pleased by numbers showing four of 10 employees are women at Tribridge, he said he grew disheartened when he dug deeper.

"There is a disconnect between the number of people in the company and the percentage of women in senior leadership roles, particularly in the technical delivery side of the business," DiBenedetto wrote. "Our numbers reflect the skewed landscape of the tech industry: The more senior the leadership position, the more likely that a man fills that role."

To address this and other gender related topics, Tribridge has formed The Tribridge Women’s Network (TWN), which creates programs that recruit, retain and develop women leaders.