Josh Jaquish
Offender360, Public Sector, Cloud Solutions

Agencies Increasingly See the Cloud’s Silver Lining

Published: May 02, 2016

Tribridge's Vice President, Public Sector Josh Jaquish was recently published by, providing his industry insight on cloud and the public sector.

This article discusses how cloud technology is taking the public sector by storm as government grasps the potential for greater collaboration, improved operations and increased cost efficiency. According to a recent survey of state CIOs, nearly two-thirds of states have some kind of cloud-based application software initiative underway or planned. This same survey also shows that three-quarters of states are busy exploring the potential of cloud-based security services and monitoring.

The openness to new technology is a shift for a sector that has traditionally felt that "serving the common good" meant ensuring data security via private networks. Perhaps the openness to new technology can be attributed to concerns stemming from high-profile data security breaches of recent years -- JP Morgan Chase, Target and even the U.S. government -- being several examples.