American Youth Soccer Organization Scores with Tribridge and Microsoft Dynamics GP


The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) was formed in 1964 to support the needs of nine teams in Southern California. Today, AYSO is the country’s largest centrally managed sports organization and supports 50,000 teams and more than 650,000 players nationwide with the help of 250,000 volunteers. AYSO is a membership-based organization that helps soccer regions manage their teams, from finances to training volunteers to be coaches and referees. It employs 50 people at its National Support and Training Center in Hawthorne, California.

Business Situation

The AYSO had recently implemented a new ERP system, but it was stalled and was not going well. After a few weeks, it became clear that the system selected was not going to meet the needs of AYSO. AYSO was replacing several custom developed applications running on a variety of platforms. The applications had several limitations and the technology was not stable. As a member based organization, AYSO also provides training materials to its members. Because their inventory system was antiquated, they had little access to data, which caused inaccurate levels of training materials to be produced.

Business Benefits

  • Paid full-time staff reduced by 21%
  • On-hand inventory decreased by 50%
  • Better decision making
  • Faster distribution of financial statements
  • Smooth integration with other Microsoft technologies