Astro Pak Relies on Cornerstone Administration from Tribridge for a Worry-Free Launch

Published: February 15, 2016

Astro Pak has grown considerably over the years. In the past decade alone, it's doubled in size. Its strategy for the future includes expanding internationally, hiring more workers, and building infrastructure to support its growth.

The Challenge

To ensure that this legacy continues, Astro Pak established a dedicated Employee Development department to spearhead efforts around talent and leadership development, performance management, and organizational engagement. The department was also charged with relaunching Cornerstone OnDemand Learning and Performance products, which had previously been implemented in only one Astro Pak division.

The Solution

Tribridge Services

Managed Services: Cornerstone Administration

Learning Solutions

Cornerstone OnDemand Performance and Learning Clouds

The Result

Tribridge has certified Cornerstone experts that provide a little - or a lot - of extra administration help when organizations need it most, from simplifying daily tasks and increasing user adoption to guiding talent management strategies and integrating new Cornerstone features.

Astro Pak explains that by relying on a Tribridge administrator, they had more time to focus on strategic initiatives for the department. The administrator assigned to the project 'offered a holistic approach to the process. He was able to give a lot of valuable advice. He understood our vision and our objectives (and the 'why' behind them), and used the technology to help us reach our goals. Being able to have someone guide me through and pinpoint exactly what I needed to know for my organization was a cost-effective tool for us."

Tribridge's expertise with Cornerstone Performance enables Astro Pak to customize the review process, thereby supporting its workforce's unique language, geographic, and technical needs.

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