Driving User Adoption

"Tribridge's extensive knowledge of the Cornerstone solution has made the experience very positive for our users."
Lisa Collings
Senior Director, Leadership, Development and Talent

After selecting three of the Cornerstone OnDemand clouds, DigitalGlobe sought to leverage additional expertise to develop a best practice plan for multiple cloud and module rollout and for implementation and ongoing support. In-house HR and learning resources were already stretched thin, as were IT resources so the company reached out to Tribridge.

The Challenge

Achieve high user adoption of the new Cornerstone solution.

The Solution

Tribridge Services

System Integration, Content Development, Client-Side Project Management, Outsourced Administration and End-user Support Services

Cornerstone OnDemand

Recruiting, Performance and Learning clouds plus the Succession and Connect modules

The Result

Record high user adoption rates:

  • 96% of users input performance goals
  • 99.3% finished compensation tasks
  • 95.1% completed performance tasks