Dynamic Communities Case Study: Q&A with Andy Hafer


Dynamic Communities was formed as a result of the growing need for hosted professional organizations that serve the needs of constituent groups in a community around a similar cause. Starting as the Axapta User Group around Microsoft Corporation's Axapta (later changing its name to the Dynamics AX User Group), the grass-roots, volunteer-driven user group grew to the point of demanding a great deal of time from its leaders. While keeping that fundamental approach of serving the constituents, a business entity, including professional staff, was formed to do the "heavy lifting," and allow the organization to expand. Dynamic Communities is independent of Microsoft. It was initially formed by users for the benefit of users of the Microsoft Dynamics AX product and through the creation of the Dynamics GP User Group became a multi-group administrative organization. Our groups are developed hand-in-hand with Microsoft to ensure that their entire organization is aware of and approves of our mission, supports our programs, and promotes our capabilities.

Business Situation

Dynamic Communities started when volunteers established local Dynamics product user groups, but eventually we knew our organization needed to transform from being a group of volunteers into something professional to support those user groups globally. When Dynamic Communities was officially incorporated, we managed member formation and personnel with a lot of spreadsheets and just cobbled together a back office with that. As the user groups have grown, so has our need to organize information on behalf of our members.

Business Benefits

Dynamic Communities reached out to Concerto to provide a unified private cloud solution. Concerto is a great partner whose one-stop-shop service model fit us best. The greatest relief of all is that with Concerto Cloud Services™ I don’t have to invest in support and IT infrastructure for a long time. "We did a lot of research to figure out who does what we needed … Concerto fit all of our criteria."