Elrene Home Fashions Overhauls Operation and Creates New Business Opportunities While Drastically Reducing Costs with Tribridge and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Tribridge worked closely with us to ensure that our operations would run smoothly

Frank Giacomini


Founded in 1922, the New York City-based household textile company is the second largest table linen supplier in the country. Their products, such as kitchen textiles and soft window treatments, can be purchased at well-known retail stores and Web sites such as Wal-Mart, Macy’s and Amazon.com. As times and consumer needs have changed, so has Elrene’s. Recently introduced lines include outdoor and environmentally friendly textiles.

Business Situation

Wanting to build a foundation for growth, Elrene’s hired Frank Giacomini as the CFO. Frank began his tenure by reviewing the current systems in place. What he found was an outdated system that lacked internal controls, numerous manual processes and departments operating completely autonomously.

“Each department was essentially running itself on spreadsheets,” said Frank. “There was an enormous duplication of efforts, which resulted in over ordering and under shipping. Everything would end up in accounting for us to reconcile, which was near impossible.” Because data was not properly entered into the system, reports were meaningless. Orders in the warehouse were picked based on paper printouts with no system for verification.

Business Benefits

  • No room for error when picking goods to be shipped.
  • Reduced inventory reconciliation time from two weeks to three days.
  • Significant reduction in staff needed to run entire operation, from 200 to 50 people.
  • Decreased carried inventory by two thirds.
  • EDI service now 10% of prior cost.
  • Short pays and charge backs drastically reduced.
  • Shipping costs reduced.
  • Increased opportunities to bid on customer contracts.