Forshaw Exterminates Costly Delays and Boosts Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV


For over 50 years, Forshaw has been the trusted source for pest management products, equipment, and expert service. Forshaw is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and has six additional branch locations, with sales and customer service representatives at each location.

Business Situation

In early 2012, Forshaw had Microsoft Dynamics SL implementation that was limiting productivity and growth. Order and warehouse processing with picking and packing was riddled with delays. Orders in the system backed up every day for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of three hours. Forshaw was also receiving customer orders through its website, but the orders were not automated into the accounting system. Customer service representatives had to print the orders and enter them manually. Limited visibility between branch warehouses made it difficult to fill orders. A customer representative could see other inventory, but didn’t know if it was promised to another order until it was too late. Credit card processing was also not integrated with the system, and would have to be entered manually. Sometimes a customer service representative would have to remember to go back and charge the credit card later, after the order had already been processed, and then the card would be denied. Additionally, there were no management controls in place to determine if the margins, discounting, or freight were entered correctly, and errors were costing the company thousands of dollars each month.

Business Benefits

  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced month-end and year-end closing by 10%
  • Saved nearly $20,000/year in product loss with credit card approval and processing
  • Reduced manual processes and added management controls
  • Added over 200 new ecommerce customers without burdening customer service
  • Reduced order processing time and improved order accuracy
  • Faster order processing time and delivery to customers