GPEC and Tribridge: Serving Non-Profits with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

"Phase One was primarily about installing and adapting Contact Management. Tribridge helped us to modify the process, because unlike other sales organizations we do not have a tangible product."
Maury Rice
Director of Information Systems


The Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) and its members work to market Greater Phoenix as an ideal regional economy for high-quality companies, with a talented, technologically advanced and diverse workforce. It serves to attract quality businesses to Greater Phoenix and champion foundational efforts to improve the region’s competitiveness.

Business Situation

Managing communications with prospective businesses and investors from around the world was a challenge for GPEC, using an Access-based in-house application for contact management. They needed a more robust CRM application to handle their customer relationship activities, especially since there was often an overlap between investor and business recruiting efforts. The GPEC team identified several issues around their contact management and investor opportunity management, including the need for a higher degree of sharing and automation, a centralized database for investor contact information, a communications system to distribute and track messages sent to current contacts, better organization and tracking of shared contact databases, online/offline integration with Outlook, and a simple interface to speed the adoption of the new CRM package.

Business Benefits

  • Increased visibility to information
  • Automated data entry
  • Accurate and shareable data
  • Consistent interface accessible from any location
  • Flexible application for a growing nonprofit company