Health Care Organization Gains Valuable Visibility into Clients with Tribridge and Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Built on a strong foundation of collaborative partnership, Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association (GRIPA) was founded in 1996 and is a membership-based organization comprised of nearly 650 physicians and affiliate hospitals. The New York-based association provides its members medical, business and technology management services aimed at making better health care easier to deliver, less costly for patients and more rewarding for all involved.

Business Situation

As their organization grew and GRIPA offered more services, it became clear that a stable, flexible platform was needed to manage the data kept on each client. Additionally, GRIPA needed to see data in a variety of ways, to track which employees were visiting which clients and to manage support calls, and that was not capable on the platform they had. GRIPA began its search for a flexible platform with the rich functionality they had grown accustom to, plus additional tools to support their growth. Finding the right partner to support them also was of great importance.

Business Benefits

  • All client data resides in one place
  • Better visibility into client services
  • Employee and client timed streamlined
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • System support reduced to 2 hours/month
  • Shorter response times for client support
  • Duplicate tests or x-rays reduced (web portal)