How Heineken USA Uses Brand Engagement to Execute Its Talent Vision

Published: November 19, 2015

HEINEKEN USA, a subsidiary of Heineken International BV, has a very clear vision: to be the leading importer of upscale beers in the US. To achieve this, the division recognized that it needed a highly trained commercial organization. 

The Challenge

To support its vision, the division shifted its overall strategy, transitioning to 
a new sales model that would grow the business. Previously, the sales structure was based on individual retail accounts. The new strategy focused on national accounts and partnering with major retailers in the US. HEINEKEN USA knew that to successfully target and sell to these major retailers, it would need to improve the level of expertise and brand engagement of its employees and distributors.

After HEINEKEN USA selected Cornerstone OnDemand, the company reached out to Tribridge to design and build Star Academy, a branded version of their Cornerstone portal. 

The Solution

Tribridge Services
User Experience Services

Learning Solutions

Cornerstone OnDemand Learning Cloud

The Result

Tribridge created a custom user interface that would seamlessly link employee capabilities and personal development within Cornerstone and enable employees to have more of a self-service model for charting their professional goals. 

“Tribridge and its team of Cornerstone-certified experts really tailored Cornerstone to meet HEINEKEN USA’s specific business requirements. They designed 
a branded user interface that is engaging our workforce and accelerating our performance.”

Leveraging Tribridge innovation, HEINEKEN USA has been able to better understand who is participating in their training. It provides information about how employees are performing within the training and allows HEINEKEN managers to link back to business performance and understand the correlation between how they are performing in the marketplace and how that performance is influenced by specific development initiatives. 


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