How LinkedIn Leverages Relevancy to Drive Engagement

Hear from Ani Mukerji, Manager of Global Learning Operations at LinkedIn, and Skip Marshall, VP & CTO of Tribridge HCM, as they discuss why marketing principles matter in learning.  Video of speech originally presented at Cornerstone OnDemand annual Convergence in London, October 2015.

The Challenge

LinkedIn wanted to offer a comprehensive training experience that was easy to navigate, effective, and consistent with their strong brand image.  In addition, it needed to be highly personalized, mobile-enabled, and localized around the world.

The Solution

  • Tribridge Services
    User Experience Services
  • Learning Solutions
    Cornerstone OnDemand Learning Cloud

The Result

Tribridge created a custom user experience that resulted in an 85% increase in visitors, 300% increase in training hours, and helped LinkedIn grow their business.