Lazydays Motors Along with Tribridge and Microsoft Dynamics AX

About Lazydays

Little did Don Wallace know when he first started R-ving with his family, that one day he would own the largest single-site RV dealership in North America. In fact, Wallace’s Lazydays RV SuperCenter was recently dubbed “Florida’s Newest Tourist Attraction.”

The company currently boasts a 160-acre facility in Central Florida with more than 700 employees, 273 service bays, on-site restaurants, a 40,000-square foot Camping World retail store, an exclusive members-only clubhouse and an RV park. Lazydays RV SuperCenter also represents 18 manufacturers and has 110 RV models available for sale.

Business Situation

Road Blocks to Providing the Best Service Possible

Don Wallace attributes Lazydays’ success to unparalleled customer satisfaction. But with such a large campus, Wallace and company knew their service department was not as productive as it could be. “We could not get accurate reports to measure technician productivity,” said Bruce Clark, Lazydays’ Enterprise Systems Analyst. “We also wanted to shorten the time a vehicle was in for service.” Capacity planning in the service department posed another challenge; capacity was based on the number of customers per day instead of the type of work that each customer needed per day.

During a detailed review of the service department’s needs, all of Lazydays’ internal systems were closely scrutinized. It was discovered that Lazydays had different systems for inventory, HR, finance and service. With disparate systems often generating conflicting information, Lazydays set out to find what they called “one version of the truth.”


Mapping it Out: Tribridge Helps Lazydays Streamline Processes

After reviewing several ERP systems and professional services firms, Lazydays selected Tribridge, a nationally recognized Microsoft Partner, to implement Microsoft Dynamics® AX. “We felt comfortable with Tribridge’s experience and knowledge,” said Bruce. “They had a history of successful clients and a wide range of resources, from project management to custom programming. We knew that we would have access to all of this during the project.”

Lazydays replaced an industry-specific solution that had a proprietary database with Dynamics AX. Previously, it had been difficult for the company to get information out of the system and into reports to make business decisions. Their month-end reporting required a tremendous amount of manual effort and was very time consuming. With the open architecture, flexibility and stability of Dynamics AX in place, a solid foundation for Lazydays’ continued growth was laid.


Picking up Speed: Lazydays Enjoys Greater Success

Prior to working with Tribridge, if a technician needed to order parts or record time, he or she would have to leave the vehicle service bay and trek to the parts department or a kiosk a quarter of a mile away. “Tribridge designed a service management application that runs on a handheld PDA device,” said Bruce. “We installed a wireless tower on the campus to ensure connectivity. Now, a technician from any location within the facility can create and assign a service ticket, record time spent on a vehicle, order parts, clock in and out, and via a voice recorder, record what was done on the vehicle being serviced. This recording is then converted to text.”

As a result, technicians spend more time working on vehicles and less time in transit, which translates into increased customer satisfaction due to reduced waiting time. In addition, more detailed information on each vehicle is easily maintained. At any given moment, customers can know the exact status of their coaches. “Customer service advisors are no longer spending their time chasing down where vehicles are in the process,” said Bruce. “We anticipate a 20-30% productivity increase.”

Another function of the PDA service management solution is a real-time vehicle location system. “Throughout the day, vehicles are moved around depending on the type of service they require,” said Bruce. “Each evening the vehicles are accounted for, but during the day it was very time consuming to try to locate them.” Utilizing the wireless network and PDAs, each vehicle on the Lazydays campus is now scanned in whenever it’s moved, and the company knows exactly where it is.

Improved Operational Efficiency

With 300 users spanning accounting personnel to technicians, it is imperative that everyone at Lazydays is on the same system. Tribridge helped the company document workflow and put business rules in place to ensure data integrity. Reporting and month-end closings are also now streamlined. “We no longer have to pull multiple spreadsheets together to generate reports,” said Bruce. “Reports are run directly out of Dynamics AX, and the data is completely accurate. The time it takes for month-end processing has been reduced by half.”