Medical Device Manufacturer Implants Success with Microsoft Dynamics AX

"We now have much better visibility into and control over our business environment and the factors that will contribute to our continued success in the future."
Greg Larson


Ortho Development Corporation is a medical device manufacturing company founded in 1994. The company designs, manufactures, and sells orthopedic implant devices and related surgical instrumentation-specifically focusing on hip and knee joint reconstruction and spine treatment. The company owns a 40,000-square-foot facility in Draper, Utah (suburb of Salt Lake City) that includes its corporate offices, manufacturing, inspection, and warehouse space.

Ortho Development is a majority-owned subsidiary of Japan Medical Dynamic Marketing, Inc. (Japan MDM). Japan MDM is a publicly traded medical device distribution company headquartered in Tokyo. With more than 150 direct sales representatives and eight branch offices, Japan MDM is one of the largest distributors of orthopedic trauma devices in Japan.

Business Situation

As a leader in the orthopedic implant marketplace, Ortho has enjoyed continued growth in both its product offerings and its level of business activities. By 2009, it became apparent to the management team that they had outgrown their existing Sage MAS 200 business management system. In January 2010, Ortho made a commitment to select a new ERP system that would allow for better financial management and audit capabilities, planning and production management, and customer/supplier collaboration.

Business Benefit

  • Supported FDA Tracking and Audit Requirements
  • Improved Visibility and Control
  • Enhanced Financial Management Capabilities
  • System Scalability to Support Future Growth
  • Streamlined Planning and Production Management
  • Tighter Collaboration with Customers and Suppliers
  • Integrated Systems to Manage Trade and Logistics Production, Purchasing, Orders and Warehouse Management