Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online Implementation Serves as the Foundation for HealthStat Rx to Help People Live Better Lives

"Tribridge has deep ties to Microsoft, which we felt was a differentiator. We also were comfortable that Tribridge had the experience to build the platform we needed and configure and integrate our systems."
Marc O’Connor
Principal and COO


HealthStat Rx is a patient-centric specialty pharmacy providing chronic disease expertise and support to improve the therapy experience and quality of life for patients in the convenience of their own home. Their specially trained pharmacists and experienced patient care managers form the foundation of a proven medication management program.

Business Situation

HealthStat Rx was selected to be part of a university study in cooperation with a national home healthcare company that shows the impact of their service, which has the potential to increase the quality of patients’ lives by reducing hospital re-admissions. Being featured in the study would differentiate HealthStat Rx and give them a competitive edge. Before they could accept the selection, HealthStat Rx needed to have a system that could provide the level of detail and support the study required. HealthStat Rx tracks all of a patient’s prescribed medications, adherence to their prescribed plan and possible medication side effects and interactions. A new solution would also need to integrate with both QS/1, which is used for pharmacy automation, and Medi - Span, a database that maintains drug information, drug interactions and side effects. During the study, HealthStat Rx communicated with a group of patients regarding their medication plans after they were released from the hospital. With the data they collected in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, HealthStat Rx could help patients understand their medications better and work with doctors if a change in medication was necessary due to side effects or drug interactions.

Business Benefits

  • True proof source, which serves as a differentiator
  • Evidence that service supports the value message
  • Reduced manual work and input errors
  • Fully integrated with critical systems
  • Tailored solution that supports workflow
  • Automated workflow
  • Reports are easily extracted from the system
  • Saving customers money through lower insurance costs and hospital re-admissions
  • Expanded market opportunities
  • Solid foundation for growth