Nubiola Replaces Industry-Specific ERP Application to Enable a Uniform Global Solution


For nearly a century, Nubiola has specialized in the production of inorganic pigments. Their products are manufactured in several locations and distributed through 10 offices across the globe. Plastic, paint, cosmetic and ink manufacturers, among others, rely on the high quality, environmentally friendly pigments Nubiola produces to give color to their various products. Originally known for their Ultramarine Blue that was used in laundry detergent, Nubiola is a family-owned business headquartered in Spain. Today, pigments as well as iron oxides and anticorrosive materials are produced. Nubiola USA, the largest global office, operates from an eight-acre site in Georgia and serves hundreds of customers in North America. A strong commitment to the environment, innovative products and customer communication are Nubiola’s top priorities.

Business Situation

Nubiola was experiencing a variety of challenges associated with its strong growth. Their current ERP system was not designed to run a global operation and they lacked access to data and reports at the local offices. Additionally, each location was running a different system, which did not allow for real-time information. To enable uniformity across their global business, Nubiola made the decision to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX at its headquarters in Spain and then roll out the solution at each of their locations worldwide. Each local office was responsible for selecting a service firm to convert data from the current system being used and implement, train and provide on-going support for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Business Benefits

  • Creative approach to incorporating specific business processes
  • Real-time access to data, which allows the home office to monitor worldwide locations easily
  • Home office can pull reports on an as-needed basis for more timely decisions
  • Data is uniform across the global organization
  • Proactive customer communication
  • Higher user adoption