The Orange County (CA) Sheriff’s Department Gains Transparency and Accountability with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

"With streamlined information gathering, improved internal operations and greater transparency, we are able to serve our community better. It is evident that Tribridge has a high level of responsiveness, customer care and professionalism."
Lt. Mike Miller


The Orange County (CA) Sheriff's Department (OCSD) is a large, multifaceted law enforcement agency served by nearly 4,000 sworn and professional staff members as well as 800 reserve personnel. Located in Southern California, the 21 separate Divisions of the OCSD provide services including land and sea-based patrol, services to unincorporated county areas and task force partnerships at the city and county level.  Additionally, the OCSD participates in the operation and management of the Orange County jail system, contract services for I.C.E. detainees, emergency communications, forensic services, personnel services, and more.

Business Situation 

"It is vital for the OCSD to be transparent as it relates to the public," said Lt. Mike Miller. "We need to be able to point to numbers that hold us accountable, validate we are doing a good job and identify areas where we need to improve or provide additional resources to employees."

The OCSD has six indicators that they use to evaluate employees and identify potential employee risk issues. "We had been tracking data in a variety of databases," said Lt. Miller. "For example, traffic collisions are in one database, while internal affairs investigations and uses of force are in other databases. It was difficult to have a complete picture of each employee and to identify risk trends." Few people in the Department had access to the system and it was not user friendly. Many processes were done manually with paper and very labor intensive.

"Our goal was to have all the information in one place, that the system was accessible to all employees and we could use it for data mining," said Sgt. Chris Corn.

Business Benefits

  • High level of accountability
  • Increased transparency
  • 34% reduction of lost work days due to worker’s compensation injuries
  • Measurable training and policy effectiveness
  • More informed strategic decisions by Executive Command
  • Reduction in uses of force incidents
  • Customized dashboards allow for insight
  • Eliminated manual processes
  • Time saved responding to public record requests