Personalizing the PANDORA Learner Experience

"Using Cornerstone’s platform and Intelladon’s experts, we were able to bring our vision of an innovative, brand-aligned learning portal to life."
Per Ferdinandsen
Technical E-Learning Coordinator


When PANDORA, the Danish company that designs and manufactures highly popular jewelry, launched the Cornerstone Learning Cloud, the company had a very clear vision for their learners. PANDORA delivers sales and product training for their new jewelry collections in 19 languages to approximately 15,000 retail staff learners throughout the year. Their typical learner is 18 to 24 years old and female. The company’s executive team knew that aligning the learning solution with the PANDORA brand was critical to ensuring user adoption.

Business Situation 

The PANDORA brand is all about beauty and being feminine. One of PANDORA's main objectives when rolling out Cornerstone to their learners was to make them feel at home when they logged into the system. They also want all content to be available to everyone. There is no need for manager approval to take certain courses. Their vision was that all the learners would need to do is select their language and they will have access to the entire PANDORA curriculum.

In order to make this happen, PANDORA turned to Tribridge Human Capital Management (HCM) to develop their Cornerstone user interface design. Tribridge’s extensive knowledge of the Cornerstone platform was a key factor in PANDORA’s selection of them as a partner for this initiative. Working with PANDORA’s vision and workflow, the Tribridge team developed the technical solution that would generate dynamic "custom curriculum paths" within the Cornerstone solution.

Business Benefits  

  • Personalized user interface
  • Dynamic curriculum paths
  • Winner of 2013 Cornerstone Client Excellence Award