Professional Services Company Improves Its Customer Service and Reduces Call Volume

Published: November 16, 2015


CROSSMARK is a professional services company that helps facilitate sales and resolve service issues between consumer goods manufacturers and their retailers. CROSSMARK’s customer service tracking system, composed of isolated notes in a proprietary eventlogging application, served only the most basic needs of the customer service representatives. Employees could access the specific customer information within the account file, but they could not view collective information or recurring issues across all accounts. With help from Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner Tribridge, CROSSMARK implemented Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM to improve reporting and gain a clearer picture of service issues. With this information, CROSSMARK was able to provide better customer service, proactively resolve recurring issues, decrease call volume, and enhance staff efficiency.

Business Situation

CROSSMARK management needed a customer relationship management system capable of streamlining processes, improving employee productivity, reducing call volume, and enhancing reporting capabilities.

Business Benefits

  • Provide better customer service
  • Resolve recurring issues
  • Decrease call volume
  • Enhance staff efficiency


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